Easy Method To Prevent The Foot Pain

There are 26 bones, with many muscles, joints and thousands of nerve ending in each of our foot. Therefore, it is understandable that foot pain will influence both physical and mental state of the sufferer. Foot pain can be really annoying thing to have.

So, your feet should not experience any pain at all. Unfortunately, each year there are approximately 20% of population who are suffering from foot problem.

There are several important function for our feet such as to act as shock absorber, balancing the body on uneven surfaces, support our body and weight and propelling the leg when we are walking or running. Even though it is quite small, our feet have received a lot of burden and pressure every day, especially if the person is quite heavy.

Knowing how important our feet is to our well-being, it will be better if we can reduce the burden of our feet such as;

Wearing proper footwear

Using improper footwear will make your feet suffer and put unnecessary extra burden to your foot such as wearing footwear that are too small, too big or have unnatural design that force your feet to unnatural shape. Improper footwear probably the biggest reason that causing many foot pain around the country.

In one research conducted by American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, it is discovered that many women are wearing shoes that are smaller to their foot size, and it is natural that most of them are experiencing from annoying foot pain.

In most case most of those women are unintentionally bought smaller shoes. But, human foot has smaller size in the morning compare to the evening. Therefore, it will be better if people bought their shoes in the evening or pick shoes that are 1 size larger during the day.

Using foot support

Some people have high feet arches or flat feet. This condition can also hurt their feet easier. For these people using additional feet support could help them to solve their feet problem.

Proper stretching and exercise

Proper stretching and exercise can improve blood circulation in the feet and relieve the muscle stiffness.

Routine care for your feet

Just like doing foot exercise and stretching, massaging your feet regularly can help to improve blood circulation in the feet and relieve the muscle stiffness.


Various Foot Arches To Support Our Body And Movement

Foot ArchesHuman feet have quite heavy duty everyday as they support body weight, become shock absorbers when we are walking and running and maintain the balance of body and keep it align. To perform this duties, our feet have four arches which are;

Inner (medial) longitudinal arch

The inner longitudinal arch is located in the foot from the heel to the ball of the foot. The height and length of this arch is different from person to person.

Outer (lateral) longitudinal arch

This the most visible arch since it located outside our foot. Compare to the other arches, the outer longitudinal arch is not flexible. This arch is rigid and its main duty is to stabilize the foot from the body weight.

Transverse arch

This arch is located in the heel and cannot be seen because it is inside the foot. Transverse arch is the first arch that touching the ground when we are walking or running. This arch become our body shock absorber.

Metatarsal arch

Metatarsal arch is located on the ball of foot. This arch is made from 5 metatarsal heads on the ball of foot. This arch is supported by various muscles and ligaments.

Despite the great functions of our foot arches for our movement, they still have limitation in supporting our body. If your body is overweight, walking or running too much or wearing bad shoes that causing our foot in unnatural position or putting too much pressure and tension to the foot, it will put too much stress to our foot arches and will lead too foot pain.

Some people are born with natural high foot arches and flat feet with very low arches. This natural condition can make their feet easier compare to people who have normal foot arches according to their body. For these people they can use additional foot arch support on their footwear to make their feet more comfortable when walking and help them prevent getting foot pain.

Fighting the Shoulder Pain

Shoulder PainThe shoulder is the largest, most complex, and most mobile joint in the body. Therefore shoulder problems are become one of the most common afflictions of modern times. Fortunately, there are many ways of helping people feel better.

Four muscles and their tendons, collectively known as the rotator cuff allow the shoulder to move as it does. The rotator cuff also plays a role in stabilizing the arm bone to the shoulder blade.

But the truth is that shoulder pain doesn’t always come from the shoulder. Examples include pain referred from arthritis of the neck, diseases of the chest such as pneumonia and diseases of the abdomen like gall bladder problems can cause pain to be referred to the shoulder. Even ectopic pregnancies have caused shoulder pain.

Finally, heart conditions can also cause pain to the shoulder, particularly on the left side. Therefore a thorough examination from specialist’s physical exam is important. There are cases where patient had shoulder pain that is caused by a lung cancer. This combination is called Horner’s syndrome.”

The true shoulder pain fall into 3 categories which are;

Tendinitis or bursitis – With repetitive motion, the bursae (small fluid-filled sacs) surrounding the shoulder joint can become inflamed. This condition is called bursitis.

Injury or instability – Keeping your arms extended above your head; chronic compression, ie forcing the shoulder into its socket; muscle imbalance- if one of the muscles is extra weak, that can cause the rotator cuff to function poorly.

Arthritis – This condition is usually caused by the aging process.


There are few tips that can be used to prevent or reduce the shoulder pain such as;

Try to limit the number of overhead reaches.

If you’re wheelchair-bound, tuck your arms a bit closer to your body as you push.

Avoid repetitive motion.

Work on rotator cuff strengthening. Range-of-motion exercises are important

Use the correct posture in your daily activities.

One tip that might help if you have chronic shoulder pain and have a “frozen shoulder” is to use a broomstick for stretching and range-of-motion exercises.


Some medication treatments for shoulder pain

Oral anti-inflammatory medicines are sometimes, but not always, helpful. Patients may require a steroid injection. For people who don’t respond to medicines, injections, and physical therapy, another option is surgery. Any type of surgery should be done by a skilled shoulder surgeon. The shoulder is one of the most complex joint so make sure whoever works on your shoulder is an expert with shoulders.

A medical procedure called percutaneous needle tenotomy may make many rotator cuff surgeries unnecessary. In this procedure, a small needle is introduced using local anesthetic and ultrasound guidance. The needle is used to irritate the tendons of the rotator cuff and induce inflammation. Then, platelet-rich plasma, obtained from the patient’s whole blood is injected into the area where the tendons have been irritated. Platelets are cells in the blood that contain many growth and healing factors. This stimulates the production of new strong tendon tissue.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ for short is a dysfunctional of the jaw and its movement. TMJ has affected the life of millions of people around the world and they always try to find a good solution to cure this disorder from happen again.

There are various problem than can causing the TMJ both in physically or mentally such as injuries, accident, emotional shock, stress, or grief. So, this disorder is quite complex since it is involving physical and psychological aspects that can bring frustration to the sufferers.

Some common symptoms that often happen with this disorder are; cannot control the movement of tongue or jaw, mouth opening become difficult and limited, cheek pain, uncontrollable tooth grinding or clenching. When the symptoms occurs, it will disturb the activity not to mention very annoying.

TMJ disorder should be taking care of before the disorder become worsen and causing much serious problems such as tongue pain, headache, vertigo, dizzy, hard to swallow, inflammation on the joint of jaw bone or even lead to neck and solder problem. The TMJ sufferers must consult their problem to the physician who understand about this disorder.

There are some basic methods to treat this disease such as; over the counter pain relievers, some anti-inflammatory drugs, and muscle relaxant medicine to reduce the pain and muscle tension.

There is also jaw therapy and exercise to help strengthen or relax the muscles around the jaw to prevent the TMJ symptoms occurs. One of the common options in jaw therapy is using the heat and cold therapy to the jaw to reduce the muscle tension.

Dental treatment can also become an option. Using a biteplate from the dentist can help to make the upper and lower jaw become aligned and reduce the chance of tooth from clenching suddenly especially when sleeping at night.

Surgery can also become an option, although this option should be done for severe case as the last effort, especially when the TMJ disorder become chronic and much serious.